RepairPal Certified


Finding a mechanic you can trust often feels like an impossible task. Not any longer.



Why Should You Choose a RepairPal Certified Shop?


If you set out to find the best auto repair shop in your area, what would you do? Ask your friends? Look at online reviews? Visit a bunch of shops, evaluate the employees, talk to their customers, and examine their tools and equipment? Well, that's exactly what we've done—and more. Our RepairPal Certified shops offer:


Great Work

It you have to shell out your hard-earned cash on car repair, at the very least, YOU want the repair done right But how can you know whether the shop did a good job or not? RepairPal's own team of ASE-certhed Master Technicians designed an 84-question survey that rigorously assesses all aspects of a shop, covering technician experience and training, tools and diagnostic equipment; the shop's policies and business practices, and the parts they use We also do a background check on the shop and re-assess it annually for compliance. Finally, we demand that all RepairPal Certified shops stand behind their work with a parts and labor warranty of at least a 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)


Fair Prices

Surely a top-notch repair job with high quality parts must cost an arm and a leg, right? Well, we actually believe you can Into fair price for quality repair work, which is why we created the RepairPrice Estimator™. We had twenty-eight expert technicians and data analysts invest more than 75.000 hours analyzing the cost of parts and labor for certain repairs and the zipcode where the shop is located. The data is then processed by the RepairPrice Estimator, which calculates a price range where the estimate should fall. All RepairPal Certified shops stand by the prices generated by the RepairPrice Estimator and will honor them without question, meaning that you will never pay more than you should.


Happy Customers

When was the last time you lefts repair shop feeling happy? Not just relieved, but actually happy? RepairPal Certified shops go beyond simply satisfying their customers How can we he so sure? Well, before a shop becomes certified, we talk to their customers to make sure they are happy! We obtain information directly from the shop's computer system and call or email at least 25 recent customers to ask them if they would recommend the shop to their friend or colleague. Based on that, all shops receive a Net Promoter Score®, a customer loyalty metric used by companies worldwide. RepairPal Certified shops' Net Promoter Scores rate up there with companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, JetBlue, and USAA.